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IHSA Boys Sectional Track & Field (Troy)


Pre-order today to GUARANTEE your official IHSA Sectional apparel.  Pay a nominal fee to have your order shipped directly to your home.

Or, you can wait to order from the shirt vendor on-site this Thursday.  However, a limited number of designs have been run, so pre-ordering your items is the safest way to guarantee getting what you want.


***Tie Dyed garments tend to size a bit smaller than solid colored garments, due to the dyeing process.  Figure about 1″ in width and height smaller on a t-shirt and 2″ in width and height smaller on a hoodie.***

Colors of Tie Dye garments, in both shirts and hoodies, will vary within their color schemes…NO 2 items are guaranteed to be the same color or shade pattern.

Let us know which school you are with to help with delivery

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