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3 rivers front3 rivers front

Three Rivers Showcase Softball Tournament


You can still order your Three Rivers design here, and have it shipped to your home!

Pre-orders placed before noon on 5/4 will be available for pickup 5/7 in Poplar Bluff, from the shirt vendor.


***Tie Dyed garments tend to size a bit smaller than solid colored garments, due to the dyeing process.  Figure about 1″ in width and height smaller on a t-shirt and 2″ in width and height smaller on a hoodie.***

Colors of Tie Dye garments, in both shirts and hoodies, will vary within their color schemes…NO 2 items are guaranteed to be the same color or shade pattern.

YM-YL & 2X-3X are ONLY available online

Let us know which team you are with to help with delivery

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Short Sleeve Shirt, Hooded Sweatshirt


Tie Blue Tide, Tie Flo Rainbow, Tie Black Cyclone, Tie Baby Blue, Tie Neon Rainbow, Tie Turquoise, Tie Red, Tie Blue Jerry, Violet, Mint Green, Graphite Heather


YM, YL, AS, AM, AL, AXL, 2X, 3X